Old Norse Toronto was an informal language class and reading group organised by Paul Langeslag and Dan Brielmaier. It was not affiliated with any educational institution (though the Centre for Medieval Studies kindly allowed us the use of their facilities), and was open to anyone at no charge at all. In the summer of 2011, there were two concurrent groups, neither of which required prior knowledge of the language: our "level one" was a little less intensive in terms of the grammar and readings covered, while "level two" was aimed at those hoping to dig a little deeper and/or who were more comfortable picking up grammar quickly.

There are currently no plans for a follow-up class of this scale, though it is always possible to convene a smaller-scale reading group. University of Toronto students may be eligible to take MST 2010 Old Norse (or every so often the second-level course MST 2015) at the Centre for Medieval Studies. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in setting up a reading group, contact Paul at ps[ät]langeslag.org or Dan at daniel.donovan[ät]gmail.com.