with accusative with genitive with dative motion-dependent
of "about; over, across" innan "inside" af "from, of" á "on; to, onto"
í gegnum "through" í milli "between" at "at, in" eptir "after, following"
um* "around, concerning, during" til "to, towards" frá "from, concerning" fyrir "before"
um fram "beyond" gagnvart "opposite" í "in, during; into, to"
umhverfis "around" hjá "by, at, compared to" með "with; with, by means of, among"
í gegn "against, towards" undir "under"
í mót "against, towards" við "by; to, towards"
nær "near" yfir "above, over"
ór "out of"
undan "away from"
with acc./dat. with acc./gen./dat.
útan "outside, without" án "without"

* um + dative mostly confined to the poetry.

(There are other nuances here which I haven't yet got around to adding in.)